Lost: Samurai Costume in Pink Suitcase

by Karen Topakian

St. Anthony of Padua  Patron Saint of Lost Objects

St. Anthony of Padua Patron Saint of Lost Objects

I read these scrawled words on a handwritten note stuck to a bus shelter on the corner of Geary and Laguna. Seeing this made me laugh first then feel badly. And it made me wonder about other treasures that have never been found.

According to Craigslist, people in every US city have lost or found cats, dogs, birds, iPods, cell phones, keys, wallets, cameras, laptops and other electronic devices. We do seem to have trouble holding on to our costly and valuable possessions here in the US of A.

But people in other countries don’t seem to share this problem. Either they don’t own them or don’t lose them.  Because they don’t appear on Lost + Found Craigslist Amsterdam, for instance.

But here’s what I did find on a quick search of items lost and found around the world.

In Bangalore, someone has found Karma.

In Berlin, a colour palette from the International Palette Society Annual Auction is missing. So says the Head of the Council, Ms. Vermillion Cobalt, sound fishy? I think so.

In Manila, someone is looking for his or her birthmother.

In Philadelphia, a particular lost eyebrow waxist is sought. As well as many long lost family members and friends.

And finally, a Canadian has lost faith in humanity.

Not much more to do when you’ve lost that.


  1. I love this post! So beautiful … funny, touching, thought-provoking.

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