I can’t believe it wasn’t Rhode Island!

by Karen Topakian


 It was New Jersey.

The state where the FBI’s money laundering, bribery and corruption sting took place. Snaring 44 people including elected officials, rabbis and a man charged with trafficking in human kidneys.

The Ocean State has had its share of public corruption and bribery but this escapade will be hard to beat. We thought the 1980’s Federal corruption scandal of Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci’s administration ensured our top dog position. With a whopping 30 indictments and 22 convictions. But we gotta hand it to New Jersey. You win.

There just might be hope for Rhode Island. [That is the state motto by the way. Hope.] With the kidney market torn asunder in New Jersey, could RI get a piece of the action?

If not, niche marketing might be a good strategy. RI officials and religious leaders could consider trafficking in other vital organs, like hearts or intestines.

According to the Washington Post story, the rabbis were selling counterfeit handbags. [I love that accessories were involved.]

Is there space for RI religious leaders, maybe the Catholic Church for instance, to jump into the trade? Bingos and church suppers would be the perfect venue for hawking bogus Balenciaga’s or fake Fendi’s.

We gotta start thinking outside of the box.

Congratulations New Jersey! You won today fair and square.


  1. Karen,
    Hye-sterical. Really loved your last few.
    I have a very interesting envelope in the mail for you.
    Not an accessory, sorry, just remarkable!
    Cousine Linda

  2. Karen,

    This is too funny. I can’t wait to post this link for all my New Jersey friends to read.

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