Rabbit Ears

53motorola-elvisfan250x365by Karen Topakian

Not the kind that sit on the top of a bunny’s head. But the kind that sits on top of a TV set. I saw one the other day. Sitting all by its lonesome on the ground at the corner of Hoff and 17th. Surprised that I haven’t seen more. Especially since the big switch from analog to digital.

The sight of the small plastic box with the metal rods set at right angles made me wonder about its origin. According to Wikipedia, the rabbit ears were invented by a Marvin Middlemark in 1956. Increasing the television signal reception for countless Americans. Ushering in the television boom of the 1950s and 60s.

Should we thank Mr. Middlemark for allowing us to watch Captain Kangaroo, Queen for a Day and Dragnet?

How many of us remember moving the antennae under the specific instructions of a parent? While they struggled in vain to gain a clear snowless picture on the screen. Our small arms aching while we awaited the order to move the ears up or down left or right. Being scolded for bumping into it on our way in or out of the room. Then having to re-start the tedious path to TV watching. Once the channel was changed from ABC to CBS to NBC, there weren’t that many choices. The painstaking process had to begin again.

Or am I the only one?

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