Old Faithful

by Karen Topakian

Recently while visiting Yellowstone National Park, I witnessed many geysers spout glorious plumes of hot water, yards into the air.

The best-known geyser, Old Faithful, draws a large audience of tourists waiting for the “show,” which occurs like clockwork every 75 minutes. Not the biggest geyser in the Park, but most assuredly the most predictable.

While waiting for Old Faithful, my traveling companion, David, whooped when suddenly another geyser in the far, far distance spectacularly shot its hot water straight into the air.

Instantly, he called his wife on his cell phone. This notoriously unpredictable geyser, that they had once waited hours in vain to see, was just now releasing a magnificent display of scalding water and steam.

His digital camera clicked repeatedly as he captured the moment for posterity.

Having never seen geysers before, and not being able to really discern the difference between the two, I felt grateful for seeing any. But for an old geyser watcher, David truly appreciated the magnificent more than the predictable.

The comparison of the two brought a question to mind. Which do we prefer the predictable or the magnificent?

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