The LGBTQ community has finally arrived!

by Karen Topakian

The LGBTQ community has finally arrived.

How do we know?

Right-wing Christians are afraid of us.

According to CBN, the Christian Broadcast Network, Brian Brown, Executive Director of the National Organization for Marriage, cited his reasons for opposing the broadcasting of the Proposition 8 Federal Court trial in San Francisco. “The reason that the courts don’t broadcast these cases is because there’s a threat of intimidation and harrassment,” Brown continued. “And in the case of Proposition 8, where there’s already a history of donors and supporters being threatened, intimidated and harassed, this is the worst possible idea.

Brown said Prop 8 supporters have received threatening calls, including at least one death threat. He is also concerned that trial witnesses seen on YouTube could experience the same thing.”

Threats, intimidation, and harassment do not belong in a civil society where groups of people disagree.

But let’s step back a moment and put this in perspective.

The LGBTQ community experiences daily violence in the form of discrimination, physical abuse and sexual abuse because of who we are. 

According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Program’s 2008 report “Hate Violence against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People in the United States,” The total number of victims reporting anti-LGBT violence to NCAVP in 2008 was 2,424 which represent a 2% increase over the total number of victims reported in 2007 and a 26% increase over a two year period. Known anti-LGBT murders rose 28% from 2007 to 2008 and are at the highest level since 1999.” 

I must admit it is kind of fun, for a minute, to see the Christian right be afraid of a group of queers.

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