My recess appointments

by Karen Topakian

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Recess appointments. President Obama stated that he is considering using this executive branch prerogative while Congress is not in session. To place his nominees into the posts that Senate Republicans are blocking.

The recess appointments, I know about took place in the large grassy play yard in front of my elementary school. Where we ran around for 15 minutes in the middle of the morning and afternoon. During…recess.

These appointments were all about picking teams or sides for games. Or about making arrangements for playing together after school. These after school appointments had to be made during recess. Because talking during class was punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

Such recess appointments fortified the cliques that already existed, formed new ones or allowed for random alliances that occurred twice a day in the schoolyard.

Though my experience with them is a bit secondhand. They often occurred while I was alone in the classroom feverishly hunting for my right snow boot or my woolen mittens. Often the last one out the door to play. Because I was slow getting dressed though fast at talking.

So recess appoint away, President Obama. Just remember that a few of us might be only half-dressed inside missing the whole game.

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