Sarah Palin, You’ve Met Your Match


Caribou Barbie


by Karen Topakian

Barbie, the 51-year old fashion icon, just added news anchor to her mega-list of careers.

Watch your step Sarah or Fox News may stop building that state of the art TV studio in your house now that Barbie’s back in town.

Sarah, you may have been governor of Alaska, for a few short years. But Barbie’s been the President of the United States, an Ambassador for world peace, a member of the royal family and a Canadian Mountie where she always got her man.

Sarah, you may have earned the moniker “Sarah Barracuda” playing high school basketball. But Barbie is a WNBA basketball player as well as an Olympic Gold medal skier, gymnast and figure skater.

Sarah, don’t even try to compete with Barbie on the beauty front. Your runner-up status as Miss Alaska can’t hold a candle to Barbie’s stature as a rockette, a fashion model and a beauty queen.

Your sports reporting credentials don’t come close to Barbie’s pedigree as a cowgirl, fire fighter and pilot.

Barbie, the over-achiever, just became a computer engineer. Watch your step Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman. She’s got your numbers, too.

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