If I have to pick one scandal, which one should it be?

by Karen Topakian

I admit it. I love a good scandal. How could I not? I grew up in Rhode Island. The mobster and lobster state.

But these days my allegiance is torn between the implosion at the RNC over Voyeur-gate and the explosions at the Vatican over pedophile priests.

What article do I read first? “RNC Chief of Staff Resigns Amid Criticism” or “Priest Accused of US Abuse Still Working in India?”

Granted the stories emerging daily if not hourly out of the Vatican affect real people’s lives. Young people who have been lied to, disbelieved and shunned by their faith. Adults who tried to help often received the same treatment.

But there’s something about Republicans acting all high and mighty about other Republicans watching hanky spanky at a Hollywood club that just pulls me into their pseudo-moralistic vortex.

I need help.  What do you suggest?

Delve deeper into the bowels of RNC Chair Michael Steele’s bureaucracy or wade into the byzantine structure of the Catholic Church?

If I only have time to devote to one scandal, which one should it be?


  1. christine schmidt says:

    Hey Karen, trying to reach you on facebook but am not adept with puter yet just got it for christmas. Stay in touch.

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