Bye Bye AT&T Helloooo Verizon

Karen Topakian

Today Peg and I made a monumental move. We upgraded our cell phones. A long time coming. We didn’t need new phones as much as we needed new cell phone service.

Only two places in our house received enough AT&T cell phone reception to make a call. Other than our courtyard. Where the signal was the strongest. Whenever my cell phone rang, I had to run out of the house into the courtyard to talk. Frustrating for me. Annoying for my neighbors.

After Peg spent hours online investigating calling plans and benefits, we marched ourselves to the Verizon store, handed over our tired looking devices and walked out with shiny new ones.

I relinquished my Nokia 6810, purchased during Bush’s first term. With its flip-out text keyboard, FM stereo radio and voice dialing.

Replacing it with… The LG Cosmos.

Now I can text away on a QWERTY keyboard, take photos with a 1.3-megapixel camera and find myself using the GPS.  Sheathed in a bright green case. The LG won’t hide in the bowels of my handbag. Instead it will stand out wherever it goes.

I will miss my Nokia, which fit, so snugly in my hand. Accompanying me on many a walk home from BART as I yakked with my mom or sister about the goings on of the day. The Nokia’s silver case only stood out in service never in looks.

I loved the Nokia. It was my first. Rumor has it you never forget your first.


  1. My first was a Motorola StarTac and it was the bomb back in the day. I’m sticking with AT&T though. Switched from Verizon back in 06 because AT&T was union. Now the iPhone keeps me there. Can you hear me now?

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