We spent $27 billion on training and it didn’t work!

by Karen Topakian

I know you won’t believe it but the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) concluded that, “the system the United States government used for the past five years to rate the readiness of Afghanistan’s Army and police force was seriously flawed and there was no reliable way to measure any progress.” Says the New York Times.

Gee, I hope we didn’t pay too much for it.

Thankfully not much. Just $27 billion dollars.

Page 1 of the report states “The development of self-sufficient Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) capable of independently providing internal and external security for Afghanistan is a key goal of the U.S. strategy for Afghanistan.”

I wonder who provided this training.

According to the Director of Public Affairs for SIGAR, the training was provided by “A combined U.S. and Coalition command has responsibility for managing the training mission. It is called NATO Training Mission -Afghanistan/Combined Security Transition Command- Afghanistan (NTM-A/CSTC-A). There is also private contractor involvement in conducting the training.”

I asked which private contractor(s) were involved and was referred to another department, which never answered my query.

The US has used a system to determine the effectiveness of a training program that is a key goal of the US strategy for Afghanistan and for determining when US troops get to return home. AND YOU WAIT FIVE YEARS TO STUDY ITS EFFECTIVENESS?           

Last month, the US casualties from the nine-year war in Afghanistan reached 1,000. Who knows how many Afghanistan people have died. How many more will lose their lives?

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