Ten Ways I Can Tell It’s Not Summer


Summer in San Francisco


by Karen Topakian


The temperature never reaches 65

It’s too cold to wear sandals

I can’t remember what the sun looks like

I have to wear a jacket and a sweater

I should be wearing socks

I dream about gloves

                                                                  I drink hot tea to get warm

                                                                 We sleep with an extra blanket

                                                                 We barbecue to keep our hands warm

                                                                  I consider turning on the heat


  1. Steven Short says:

    The way to tell the difference between winter and summer in San Francisco:

    In winter, the temperature is 55 – 65 with clouds.

    In summer, the temperature is 55- 65 with fog.

  2. Barbara Meyer says:

    Hi Karen
    trying to find you! Have a question about Agape’s tax recordkeeping that a grants recipient needs to know and don’t know who to ask.. name of Agape’s accountant maybe? Would love to hear from you (phone 404 885 9790)

    Wish I could ship you some of Atlanta’s summer weather.. in the 90’s when I got home at midnight last night…

    Hope you are well and happy… Barbara

  3. Ten Ways I Can Tell It’s Summer in Amsterdam

    Each and every weekend we sail at sea
    I wear a bermuda to work
    I have lunch in the park
    I cycle the 25 Miles home from work
    We have a late afternoon swim in the harbour
    We have dinner on our sunny verandah
    I have salt in my ears
    There is sand in my shoes
    Sunset is at 10 PM
    Temperatures never drop below 70F

  4. U know u r a San Franciscan if Fourth of July brings memories of fleece jackets, wool hats, and vain efforts to see fireworks in the fog

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