Divorced TV Evangelists Suspected of Tryst

by Karen Topakian

 If you’re overwhelmed by the state of the economy and the economy of our state. Spend a moment on this little missive that the NY Times will never cover.

According to Christian Broadcast News, two divorced television evangelists, Benny Hinn and Paula White, are denying reports that they are having an affair though they were seen leaving a hotel in Rome holding hands.

Granted I had never heard of them but their websites cite them as god’s saviour.

Benny Hinn’s marriage to Suzanne Hinn ended after 30 years. When she served him with divorce papers in February, which struck him by surprise, he stated that his wife had no “biblical grounds for divorce.”

Paula White’s marriage to Pastor Randy White ended in 2007 after 18 years.

Hinn and White both admit to becoming closer to each other but vehemently deny that their relationship is anything but “morally and spiritually pure.”

In order to stem the tide of criticism, Hinn said they had “independently determined that we will have no further social relationship until such time as my divorce has concluded and only if we feel direction from the Lord to do so.”

Here are my questions.

1. Why did Suzanne Hinn wait 30 years to divorce a man who sold the Suffering Christ Desk Ornament?

2. When Paula White said, “Often, in order to bring forth the “BIG” in your life, you have to partner with someone who also recognizes the “BIG” God has put inside of them!” How “BIG” was she hoping that Benny Hinn would be?

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