The Clay Theater Needs You

by Karen Topakian

If you’re an SF movie lover, who still goes to the movies (instead of using Netflix), one of our cherished single screen theaters, the Clay, is about to close. On Sunday August 29th.

This 100-year old theater in the fabulous Fillmore district stands ready to shutter its doors.

True, it’s hard to keep a single screen theater open these days. But this one has a plan. The 54-year-old San Francisco Film Society wants to buy the theater and continue to program a mix of international, independent and documentary films along with mini-festivals, screenings with panels, talks and filmmakers.

The only thing stopping them is a breakdown in communications with the landlord Balgobind Jaiswal.

Just remember, the Clay premiered John Waters outrageously hysterical Pink Flamingo. Ain’t that reason enough to help out?

Here are two things you can do today.

1. Take a moment to urge the landlord (Balgobind Jaiswal c/o Blu, 2259 Fillmore Street, SF 94115) to continue negotiations to keep this century old icon alive and well in San Francisco. Yes, that means writing a letter and putting a stamp on it.

2. Go to a movie theater instead of watching one at home. Enjoy a film experience the way the filmmaker intended. In a dark quiet theater. Try it. I guarantee you’ll like it.


  1. Evan Conroy says:

    Wish I was there to help. Good luck with this project; I’m rooting for you.

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