What’s in a name? If Sarah Palin were creating it!

by Karen Topakian

If you are as obsessed with Sarah Palin as I am. Or are just mildly curious about her meteoric rise to stardom despite her dearth of achievements, then you will love this new website forwarded to me by Nomi Hurwitz who hails from my home state of RI.

The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. http://personal-space.com/embed/script.php

I don’t know how it works. ‘Cuz when I went to college, computer science hadn’t been invented yet. Thankfully the wheel had just come out. Wheel 2.0 that is.

If you deign to enter your first and last name it will produce your baby name. As if Sarah Palin were your mom. God forbid.

From now on I want everyone to refrain from calling me Karen Topakian. And start calling me by the name that my adopted mother Sarah prefers, “Steam Fangs Topakian.”

Try it. Then let me know how to address you.


  1. Please address me as Spoon from now on. Spoon Archer Palin

  2. Recoil Zoo Palin here.

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