Papal condoms

by Karen Topakian

In light of the Pope’s recent statement condoning the use of condoms in certain circumstances, my sister thought they could start marketing and endorsing their own brand.  To make a little extra money on the side. Here are a few possible names of Pope approved condoms.  Send me yours.

Religious rubbers

Roman rubbers

Consecrated condoms

Pontiff Prophylactics

Revered rough rides

Sanctified safeties

Papal protection


  1. Karen….here are my candidates:

    Faithful Fortress
    Holy Help
    Religious Refuge
    Sacred Sinew
    Sanctified Security

  2. rubber rome-e-o
    condom heaven

    Are the “certain circumstances” for use by priests…?

  3. With a Benedict between the sheets
    Bonking with a Benny

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