Fellow Rhode Islanders, I need your help

By Karen Topakian

Two months ago I moved my grandparent’s antique gas fired stove out of cold storage into my mother’s garage. With the expectation of selling it. Quickly. On Craigslist. Those hopes were dashed. And still it sits in Cranston taking up precious space that my sister needs.

I’m selling it. To the best offer. Photo to the left. It’s a beauty.

A Barstow Insulated Stove, circa 1920’s. Cream colored enamel with green trim. Curved legs.  4 burners. 2 ovens. 45” in length. 53 ½” tall. 23” deep. (unfortunately, I don’t know if it works)

Delusionally, I had thought that someday I might buy a beach house in RI and use it for a bookcase, as my grandfather had done. But that ain’t happening. Soooooo if you’re interested or know someone who might be. Let’s make a deal. I even have a mover to recommend.


  1. i know its been years but I’m curious if you have sold this stove. if not are you still interested in doing so and how much are you looking to sell it for? thanks.

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