With Valentine’s Day just a few days in the past, the Republicans aren’t in love

by Karen Topakian

They’re not even in like. With any federal program.

Arts? Nope.

Environmental protection? Nope.

Heating subsidies for the poor? Double nope.

Farm subsidies. Social Security. Medicare Medicaid? Nope Nope and Nope

Planned Parenthood? Absolutely not

Obama’s Health Care Plan? What are you smoking?

Legal Services for the poor? R U crazee?

What do they like?

Special Education? a little.

Amtrak? Maybe.

Untreated waste flows into San Diego and its coastal beaches? Sort of

Fire departments? Kind of

What’s left?             THE PENTAGON!!

Let’s see what they say and do with the $158 billion dollar price tag attached to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s when we’ll see the love. The big love. True love. Heart racing. Blood rising love.

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