The Front Page. What’s missing?

by Karen Topakian

Now that Libya, Congress and Wisconsin dominate the front page. Rightfully so. I’ve been thinking about what aren’t we hearing about anymore. Here’s my short list. Please add to it.

Thankfully we’re not hearing anymore from or about:

  • Octomom
  • Jay Leno/the Tonite Show/Conan O’Brien fiasco
  • Tiger Woods
  • Michelle Obama’s wardrobe
  • Mark Sanford

Unfortunately we’re not hearing about:

  • The rebuilding of Haiti
  • U.S. Exit from Afghanistan
  • Gulf of Mexico economy and environment – post oil spill
  • Arizona’s Immigration Law
  • Russia


  1. jan Rhodes says:

    I’d still like to know how Gabby Gifford is coming along.

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