You’re not done yet, Donald!

by Karen Topakian

Donald Trump just placed another feather in his own cap. One of many over the years. He’s now taking credit. All of the credit. For forcing the President to produce the long form of his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.

But I don’t think Trump has gone far enough. Shouldn’t he be investigating where the conception took place?

For those who believe that life begins at conception, isn’t that the location that needs to be disclosed?

The 14th Amendment grants citizenship on those born in the US, what about to those conceived in the US?

Isn’t the location of conception critical?

The Donald must find out where was the President conceived? On or off US soil? That’s the piece of information that I’m looking for.

Is he man enough to find out?

If he’s not, maybe US Sen David Vitter* might like to meet the challenge. Since he is unabashedly pro-life. And the main sponsor of SJ Res 31 that would limit birthright citizenship. (His resolution would require that at least one parent would have to be a citizen, a lawful permanent resident or an alien serving in the military.)

He should link the two issues and call for a certificate of conception signed by both parents and notarized before we grant citizenship willy-nilly.

I bet he wishes he’d thought of this first.

*Vitter is no stranger to procreation. Since he was connected to prostitutes in DC and Louisiana.

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