Summer movies. Which are real? Which are fake?

by Karen Topakian

Last Sunday the New York Times printed a brief synopsis along with release dates of upcoming summer movies. I read the list with horror and delight. Some seemed preposterous, others enchanting, several sound too stupid.

Please find below six movie synopses. Three are real. Three are fake. Guess which is which. No checking Google to find the answers.

Here goes:

1. A Horse of a Different Color  Twelve year old Amy fights prejudice on and off the field to follow her dream to race her white horse in a national tournament.

2. The Tree   In rural Australia, an 8-year old girl comes to believe that the spirit of her dead father inhabits a giant fig tree near her house.

3. Ball Joint  A documentary centered on the lives of the Brazil National Football team’s orthopedic surgeons.

4. The Names of Love  From France, the tale of a free-spirited woman who converts conservatives to liberalism by sleeping with them, until she hits a roadblock with a recalcitrant scientist.

5. Trollhunter  Learning that a government conspiracy has kept the truth about trolls from the Norwegian public. A group of film students sets out to uncover the facts.

6. Feng My Shui  Three rejected fraternity pledges seek revenge by posing as the frat house’s new interior decorators.


  1. Hmm, I guess the fakes are:
    -Ball joint
    -Horse of a …

  2. Kim Roberson says:

    Hilarious! First three are real, last three fake.

  3. I am guessing that the following are fake – guess #1, 5, 6

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