Fusion Fitness Craze hits SF!

by Karen Topakian

The latest fitness craze of Piloxing has hit the Bay Area and described in this week’s SF Chron.

But why stop at pairing Pilates with boxing? Here are my ideas about some fusion fitness ideas that I’d like to see.

Ski-whoring – prostitutes pull a skier down the slopes. (Not to be confused with ski-joring where horses or dogs pull a skier.)

Yo-basket – the pace of yoga practiced on the basketball court. Complete with slow jumps held in mid-air while concentrating on breathing.

Bad golf – a combination of badminton and golf where the shuttlecock replaces the dense golf ball or the racket replaces the metal clubs.

Spelennis – two people volley and serve tennis balls while descending down into a dark cave on parallel ropes.

Jave-luge – the slider lies down on a fiberglass sled without brakes and heads feet first down an icy track while hurling a spear 2.5 meters in length.

Bungee-climbing – climbing up a large plastic cord from the ground to the tall structure (building/platform) or movable object (helicopter/hot air balloon) to which it is attached.

Let me know what you think will be the next fusion fitness frenzy!

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