Let’s take the cigarette ads a step further

by Karen Topakian

The US Department of Health and Human Services unveiled nine new designs destined to decorate cigarette packages.

The gruesome images depict damaged teeth, diseased lungs, a body marked for an autopsy and a person breathing through a respirator.

The markings will cover the upper half of the front and back of cigarette packages produced after September 2012. Plus 20% of the space in cigarette advertisements.

If the government can dictate the packaging on cigarettes, why not dictate the packaging on other products that harm us? Seriously, why don’t they? Why not exercise a little more truth in advertising?

For example, a box of ammunition or bullets would show dead bleeding animals. Or men, women and children riddled with bullet holes writhing in pain.

The label on a beer bottle could show a male torso suffering from Donelap’s disease – my stomach done lapped over my belt.

A bag of potato chips could include images of obese children standing around the edges of the playground, too overweight to play.

If you’ve got ideas about products that deserve more truthful messaging, send them here!

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