Netflix business model – items arrive when you need them

by Karen Topakian

Netflix has such a good business model that others are jumping on the bandwagon. Caroline O’Connor started a clothing business for parents. Sending children’s clothing in the size you need at the time you need. You won’t have to store clothes for a 2 year old when your tiny tot is only 9 months.  Once they’ve outgrown them you send them back and the next size arrives.

This idea made me think about other items that would be useful to receive when you need them. Here are a few of my ideas.

Christmas holiday decorations, cards, wrapping paper and bows. Order them in Nov for a Dec 1 delivery. Pack’em up and ship’em back on Dec 31.

Camping gear. If you only camp in the warm weather, why store your camping gear for 9 extra months? Instead, order a full camping set: tent, sleeping bag, tarp, cooking gear…in the spring. For delivery when you you’re ready for the great outdoors. Send it back at the first sign of frost.

Tampons. If you’re on the pill you know when you’ll need them. Place the order every month for the delivery date that meets your menstrual needs. In this case, don’t send them back. Just flush them.

What are your ideas for receiving items when you need them?

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