Another reason why I love SF!

by Karen Topakian

Yesterday, I was reminded once again why I love this city. Here’s what I saw unfolding before me while sitting in Dolores Park in the late afternoon.

A shirtless man wearing black bike shorts and a baseball cap balanced on one leg atop his turquoise yoga mat. Moving from downward facing dog to tree to pigeon poses seamlessly.

Another shirtless man with a full blonde beard kneeled on his blanket, his fingers pulling black thread through a needlepoint of a tiger’s head.

A woman wearing a black bikini covered up by a thin white shirt gave herself a complete Mani Pedi. Ending with 10 toenails and 10 fingernails lacquered in bright red.

A tall man wearing knickers, a shirt, vest and a hat with long striped horns played an accordion and sang for three dancers. One dancer, a man in white underpants wore a bed sheet as a cape fluidly moving around the musician and his fellow dancers – a man and a woman leapt and fell, rolled and tumbled to the music. What was the musician singing? When I Get Low, I Get High.

And finally a large man sporting long dreadlocks walked by everyone’s blanket saying, “Ganja products for sale.”

While I, sat on the grass finishing a gripping book, “Minding Her Own Business – The Self-Employed Woman’s Essential Guide to Taxes and Financial Records.”


  1. I loved this, Karen. Perfect reflection for a day like today, also!

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