The Super PAC Name Game

by Karen Topakian

Super PACs are here to stay. These special interest groups supporting a party or candidate can raise boat loads of cash while avoiding campaign finance laws.

The GOP loves them. The Dems are learning to.

The Sunday Aug 28 NYT listed several that are collecting money to support Republican presidential candidates. I’ve listed the real ones and added some suggestions.

Please add your own and share them.  This might be the only fun we have in this election.

Real Super PAC names

Restore our Faith – Romney

Citizens for a Working America – Bachmann

Our Destiny PAC – Huntsman

Make Us Great Again – Perry

Jobs for Iowa – Perry

Keep Conservatives United – Bachmann

Suggested Super PAC names

Liberty for Some

Only the Deserving

Rekindle our Animosity

We’re Almost in Charge

Make Us Great Again or Else

Vindictive and Vicious

Don’t Let the Democrats Out

Mean by Nature

It’s Our Turn

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