Attention all late adopters!

by Karen Topakian

I’m going to start a movement of late adopters. People who take a long time to join a new craze.

Care to join me?

This is a movement for people who never buy the first, second or even the third edition of a product. We wait until the fifth one is on the horizon. We wait until everyone else has one. Until the craze is passé. That’s me. Slow to adopt to new technologies.

I’m talking about cellular technology. Last night I became the proud owner of a smart phone. And not just any smart phone but an iPhone. A device that hundreds of millions have had for years. Since 2007 to be exact.

I started with a cell phone, which took me years to acquire. Then last year, I upgraded to one with a keyboard so I could text. Then in 2011, the year of the rabbit, I purchased a smart phone.

Rumor has it the iPhone will change my life. Not sure how. Not sure when.

But I digress. It’s not that I don’t like new things because I do. And I like old ones, too. But I just didn’t think I needed this much phone. Until I found myself lugging my laptop around all day just to keep up with my emails. Duh!

The funny thing is I like new ideas. New ways of looking at things. Modern furniture.  And contemporary art.

But not necessarily new technology. We only bought a Cuisinart in the last 12 months. My pals in graduate school will tell you how long it took me to get an answering machine. And yes we still have one instead of voice mail.

Not sure what the next new craze will be that will pass me by. But I’m sure it will.

If you’re interested in joining my group. Drop me a letter in the post. While you still can.

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