I’d Rather Fight than Switch My Bank

by Karen Topakian

A recent post on Good urged people to leave their big banks on Nov. 5, Bank Transfer Day. For smaller community banks or credit unions.

If you’re looking to move banks, here’s a major shout out to Community Bank of the Bay.

I’ve been a depositor at this Oakland-based bank since the last millennium.  And I’ve never looked back.

My switch occurred when the Agape Foundation’s bank, Wells Fargo, announced it was charging its business customers a fee for depositing funds too frequently. Our accountant told us to deposit checks whenever we received them but our bank now was going to charge us to do so.

I complained about it to our financial manager, Kate Campbell, who recommended that we switch. To Community Bank of the Bay.

Once I looked into their services, philosophy and mission, I was sold.

I loved them so much that I made them my personal bank. And recommended them to every one of Agape’s fiscal sponsorship groups and grantees.

Through the years, Agape deposited millions of dollars at CBB. All by mail. Not one deposit was ever lost. Community Bank of the Bay even sponsored Agape’s annual peace prize event.

Here’s why I love them. This bank answers the phone when I call. And they know who I am. I can bank online. If I use ATMs anywhere in the world, they will refund me a maximum of $10 a month for the fees charged by the other bank. Their staff members are courteous, intelligent and helpful.

Plus they offer a Bay Area Green Fund providing financing to local green businesses for green purposes. And they were the first Green Bank in Oakland.

Tell me, does your bank match up?

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