Who doesn’t like a sweater vest?

by Karen Topakian

Wearing sweater vests seems to please former Senator and Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Watching all of the fashion commentary reminds me of the time my family gave my paternal grandfather, Grampa K, a sweater vest for Christmas.

My grandfather suffered from heart problems. He was often thin. Being thrifty people, he and my grandmother kept the thermostat low to save on the heating bill. When the annual Christmas shopping list discussion occurred, my parents, (let’s be honest, probably my mother) thought that he might like a sweater vest to keep him warm. My mom was pleased to find an alternative to the standard gift of a plain old sweater.

When Grampa K opened up the box on Christmas morning and held up the knitted vest, he uttered the following words that have reached legendary status in our family, “It would be nice if it had sleeves.”

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