A call to ban menstruation!

by Karen Topakian

I don’t think that Republicans have gone far enough in protecting religious freedom.

Of course, the government should ban contraceptives and abortions. Women must bear all new life at all costs. It’s our biological destiny, baby.

But why stop there?

Why not ban menstruation?

Why not outlaw the shedding of the uterine lining?

The uterus is the home that will nourish the embryo, if a pregnancy occurs. But every month, women wantonly and selfishly discard this valuable tissue only to rebuild it again next month. What a wasteful lot, are we!

How can the state sanction habitat destruction? How can the state allow women to routinely flush away this critical eco-system?

Will you join me in calling for a constitutional amendment to ban menstruation?


  1. kotabear says:

    This was just wow. I appluade you. I don’t know how to spell apluade. (no sarcasim intended)

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