Though Karen Topakian was born and raised in Rhode Island, she escaped to San Francisco to earn her Masters of Fine Art degree in Filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute. Subsequently, Karen began working for Greenpeace as a nuclear disarmament campaigner. Then moved on to become the Executive Director of the Agape Foundation – Fund for Nonviolent Social Change until April of 2009. In 2010, she started her own freelance writing and communications consulting business, Topakian Communications.

During Karen’s professional life, she authored Agape’s newsletters, annual reports, blog, web content and Op-Eds that were published in The San Francisco Chronicle and The Oakland Tribune; as well as wrote articles for The Grassroots Fundraising Journal. In addition to growing her own business, she writes a regular feature, Store Trek, for The Noe Valley Voice, which introduces new businesses to the community.


  1. I think we should all poop on the lawns of all those asshole republicans! The New York Times had an interesting article in the Sunday Magazine about how the way our brains are wired may actually impede people’s ability to truly embrace long-term environmental goals. (My brain was too weak to read the whole thing.) So maybe mass lobotomies?

  2. Aww….Dad and Eskimo Pies. : )

  3. Hi Karen – A wave hello from a former elementary school classmate! I was sincerely delighted to stumble across you on the web and read about your life’s work, fighting the good fight for our home planet. I’m also a freelance writer, focused on working with nonprofits and government bodies to expand access to education for underserved populations. Who knew Cranston could be so progressive??? Best regards and please feel free to get in touch if you’re ever in DC. Nancy Wellins

    • Karen Topakian says:

      HI Nan, so nice to hear from you. it’s been decades and a millenium ago since i’ve seen you. I actually will be in DC next week to conduct interviews for Greenpeace. I will check to see for time and availability, i’m not the keeper of my own schedule while i’m there. Do you live in DC or in nearby areas? Thank you so much for writing and reaching out. I do appreciate it very much. Karen

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