Because the Farmer’s Almanac Said So

by Karen Topakian

According to the Farmer’s Almanac today, December 17, is a good day to cut your hair to encourage growth.

And why didn’t I know that when I had my hair cut last Friday on Dec 10. Apparently that was the best day to castrate animals. Along with the day before on the 9th.

If you’re looking ahead toward the end of the year, here are a few dates worthy of your attention.

Dec 26 is the best day to begin a diet to lose weight. (I didn’t need a Farmer’s Almanac to tell me that!)

If you’re thinking of breeding animals, mark your calendar for Dec 30 and New Year’s Eve. Why not combine it with your New Year’s Eve celebration? Stop by with a bottle of champagne and a female goat in heat.

If you’re capable of multi-tasking consider canning, pickling or making sauerkraut on those same two days. Another reason to host a New Year’s Eve party. Along with the goat in heat carry a cabbage along for good measure.

Now that I look at the rest of the list of activities for the month, I will tell you now to cancel EVERYTHING on Thursday December 30 because it is the red letter day for the following additional activities: Begin diet to lose weight, plant below ground crops, potty train children, quit smoking, slaughter livestock and wean animals or children.

By the end of the day you will have a house full of screaming children, a field full of dead animals and you’ll be quite cranky from dieting and not smoking.

Don’t worry it will all be over on Sunday, January 2. The day to end projects.