Planning Ahead


by Karen Topakian

Time management consultants always advise us to plan our time, mark out our days and hours to help us reach our goals.

In 2018, I vowed to heed this advice by seeking help from two time-honored sources – The Old Farmer’s Almanac and Martha Stewart. They provided these useful suggestions, which I will try to follow.

Yikes, it’s almost noon today, Wednesday, January 3, 2018, and I haven’t even started to:

  • Clean the canary cage
  • Dry fruit/vegetables/meat
  • Lay shingles
  • Prune to discourage growth
  • Travel for pleasure

I’m not sure how Wednesday, Jan 17 will turn out after I:

  • Schedule an eye exam
  • Castrate animals
  • Perm my hair

I will need a good night’s sleep before Friday, January 26, when I will:

  • Clean and oil my saddles
  • Cut my hair to encourage growth
  • Color my hair
  • Paint
  • Buy a home
  • Harvest above ground crops

Stay tuned for February when I will feed the orchids, quit smoking, ask for a loan and wean animals and children.