How long is 6 seconds?

by Karen Topakian

According to a study by the Brooklyn Museum, the average visitor looks at a piece of art for 6 seconds. Really? Only 6 seconds?

6 seconds to scan the face of the Mona Lisa?

6 seconds to stare at Picasso’s Guernica?

6 seconds to gaze at Warhol’s Marilyn?

6 seconds to enjoy Monet’s Water Lilies?

6 seconds to view Michelangelo’s Statute of David?

That seems too short of a time span to enjoy such masterpieces. Or is it?

I asked myself what else takes 6 seconds.  So I could compare. Here’s what my quick Google search uncovered.

According to Zen habits, 6 seconds is the length of time to experience one relaxing breath. 2 seconds breathing in through your nose. 4 seconds exhaling through your mouth.

Globally, tobacco products kill every 6 seconds

Every 6 seconds someone is infected with HIV.

The Hewlett Packard fax 2140 can transmit a page of copy in 6 seconds.

Orkhan Ibadov says you can hypnotize someone in 6 seconds.

One way to read an EKG strip is to count the number of R waves in a 6 second strip and multiply by 10.

Apparently a lot can happen in 6 seconds. Doesn’t art deserve more of our attention than a fax machine?