I watched it twice. But I won’t watch it a third time. Political Animals

by Karen Topakian

Here’s the plot: Sigourney Weaver stars as the divorced wife of a philandering former US President. She now serves as Secretary of State in the administration of the man to whom she lost the democratic presidential primary. I know it sounds preposterous but that’s Hollywood.

The actual preposterous part is that her ex-husband and the Russian and Turkish ambassador frequently say she’s hot. Though as my partner Peg notes she frequently looks frumpy and slutty. Hard to pull off at the same time.

Her ex-husband, the former POTUS, lays the Southern accent on a bit too heavily. Even to these Northerner’s ears.

One of their sons is gay in an extremely stereotypical way. He struggles with substance abuse while enjoying anonymous sex.

The other son works for his mother in the family business. As her chief of staff at the State Department.

His fiancé, a beautiful Asian woman, secretly suffers from bulimia.

Sigourney’s mother, Ellen Burstyn, a former Vegas show girl drinks constantly, which unleashes her tart tongue.

Every plot twist and turn could be seen coming a mile away.

I wanted the series to succeed because the subject appears rich in promise. Unfortunately, it’s weak in delivery.

This show doesn’t have enough teeth to call itself an animal.

If they want a genuine political woman running the show, they should have hired Betty Draper. Or Carmela Soprano.